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Ministry of Works visits Kobaisi Building System

Ministry of Works visits Al Kobaisi Building System factory participated by Construction Project Directorate (CPD), Material Engineering Directorate (MED), Building Maintenance Directorate (BMD) and Special Projects Directorate (SPD). The gathering was held at Al Kobaisi Group main office hall on June 25, 2014 at 9:00 am opened by Mr. Essa Al Kobaisi, General Manager (Car Rental & Maintenance Center). Mr. Farooq Ahmed, Factory Manager (Precast & Building System) pave the way to unfold the latest technology of Kobaisi Building System. Along the presentation, Mr. Farooq highlighted the visions and aspirations of Al Kobaisi Group as to adhere objective of Bahrain Government of affordable housing shaped in this Building System. Through this system, we could achieve the highest quality, cut costs, less material wastage, time saving, less manpower and environment friendly.

The presentation continues with some questions raised and barely responded by Mr. Abdulla Al Kobaisi, Managing Director. As the brain of the system, he attained patent of the first Building System designed with German technology and made to change from the traditional methods of construction to the industrial pre-fabrication of block-walls.

Videos of recent projects were presented along with other unique construction products such as Geoplast & PU 700. Geoplast replaces the wood shuttering into ABS plastic made formworks, light-weight and fast to install. PU 700 made the first alternative to traditional mortar with rapid curing, easy to apply, no mixing required, no mess and no waste being left in construction site. These products combined with Building System makes construction fast and simple.

The visitors are then taken to factory to witness the production made in Kobaisi Building System spearheaded by the brain of the system, Mr. Al Kobaisi. The visit went with an actual presentation of how the machine moves fast to another station, with consistent monitoring of quality in every stage. The tour lasts for 30 minutes and the audience left stunned how Mr. Al Kobaisi done his initiative to help solve the housing situation of Bahrain community.

Mr. Al Kobaisi took the stage and ended up the program with words of wisdom. “In engineering field, actual experience weighs more than theory”.

  • Ministry of Works visits Kobaisi Building System

    Ministry of Works visits Kobaisi Building System


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