June 18, 2017

About us

Nofa Marine Services first commitment is to assure quality.

This division of the Al Kobaisi Group of Companies operates with four powerscreen sand washing plants, 1 British-made sand washing plant, four wheel loaders, 20 dump trucks & tippers and excavators.

The powerscreen washing plants are designed to deliver high standard performances in all-important washing process. The total washing capacity of these plants is 200 tons per hour.

Powerscreen is efficient in removing silts, slimes and clays from sand, bringing it to specification. Physical and chemical analysis tests are carried out daily in accordance with the international BS and ASTM standards.

Our qualified technical team ensures all unwashed sand and aggregate is procured and sourced from quality suppliers to meet the required quality of materials. Stringent quality controls monitor raw materials, washed materials and the washing process itself. Test results are recorded in the prescribed form and preserved for controls.

Quality assurance procedures

To ensure proper control in acceptance of raw materials for the production, certain quality system procedures are followed through the process inspection and test methods.

Aggregate: visual check and moisture check is done daily at our own laboratory. Physical test is done twice in a week. Flakiness and elongation index test is conducted once every 3 months at independent laboratories. Soundness and crushing value tests are conducted once every 6 months. Tests are conducted to determine sulphate and chloride contents in the aggregate. Sieve analysis on
aggregate are also carried out.

Sand: visual check and moisture check is done at our own laboratory on a daily basis. Chemical analysis and physical tests are done twice a week.


Supply of quality double-washed sand and aggregate.
Timely and personalized service.
We strive to guide customers through the proper quality of sand and aggregates necessary to see their projects complete in time.